Meet the Understudies

We get to know the Million Dollar Quartet understudies, including their favourite songs and which city they’re most looking forward to playing in.


Mitch: Covering Elvis and Johnny Cash

Elliot: Covering Jerry Lee Lewis

Jen: Covering Dyanne

Phil: Musical Director on Tour and covering Carl Perkins and Sam Phillips


What is your favourite song from the show?

Mitch: It’s between a few, but “Sixteen Tons” is probably my favourite. I kind of prefer Cash, although I probably shouldn’t say that, to Elvis! I think it’s cool and laid back, I like that song.

Elliot: Mine would be “Great Balls of Fire”, I think it’s a Jerry Lee Lewis classic. It defined the era and it comes at a really good point in the show, which you’ll see if you come along!

Jen: Mine is “A Whole Lotta Shakin”, it’s the best point for me in the show. The music’s upbeat, it’s a party for everyone. It’s just fun!

Phil: Mine’s probably “Honey Don’t” which we added to the post-show concert mainly for the iconic chord change.


Which City are you most looking forward to visiting and performing in?

Mitch: I’m from Birmingham originally so I want to go to the Hippodrome. My family will come and see it and friends. It comes quite early in the tour as well which is cool.

Elliot: I think I’m looking forward to being in London at the Festival Hall, I think that’s really cool being there for Christmas as well when the show is set.

Jen: I’m looking forward to Manchester, it’s home, I’ve been there before, it’s a really cool city so I’m very excited.

Phil: I’m probably most looking forward to Edinburgh, I love Edinburgh!


If you were a musical instrument, what would you be and why?

Mitch: I wanted to come up with a really funny answer, but I play guitar in the show if I’m lucky enough to go on, so yeh guitar I think.

Elliot: Yeh I think I’d be betraying Jerry Lee Lewis if I said anything other than piano, so piano would be my instrument.

Jen: I’m going to throw you a curve-ball, I’d be a French horn. Yeh I like the sound.

Phil: I’d be a sparkly Gibson, no way around it!

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