Cast Interview: Robbie Durham

In our final cast interview, Robbie Durham who is playing Johnny Cash shares his favourite song from the era and why he thinks people should come along to the show.

What are you looking forward to about being in the show?

Part of my thing is that I love the idea of being a Rock Star and so this is like playing the best of both worlds; getting to play an icon, a legend. Getting to sing and be on stage with a guitar as well as being an actor is something I’ve always wanted to do.

What is your favourite song from the era?

I know it’s obvious but Folsom Prison Blues was one of the first songs I heard and loved by Johnny Cash. I love what it meant, the rebellion of it all. He was just sticking 2 fingers up at what they were told to do at the time.

Why should people come and see Million Dollar Quartet?

Come and see it because of the music that defined the next 60 years of Rock and Roll, Pop and Country and everything, it affected everything. This is a perfect little selection of the songs that created a genre. I would say if you want to come along, have a dance and a sing and listen to some great songs then this is the perfect show!

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