Cast Interview: Katie Ray

Our leading lady, Katie Ray tells us what she’s looking forward to about playing Dyanne, Elvis Presley’s girlfriend and why she loves the 1950’s.

What are you looking forward to most about being in the show?

Lots! I’m really excited about creating quite a dynamic relationship with the part that’s Elvis Presley in the show; getting to know him and having this relation of the two of us having a relationship will be quite interesting. Threading into all the most amazing songs we get to play and sing and dance together with.

Tell us more about your character…

It’s quite an interesting story actually because Diane is quite a mysterious character in some respect because she was a person that actually existed, she was Elvis’ girlfriend at the time. But they’ve changed a little of what she was doing because apparently she was a Las Vegas dancer and she’s now a singer in the show, so they’ve changed that in dynamic for the show itself so that she can sing and be a part of that experience. But she was actually in the studio on the day that the recordings happened, so that’s really exciting for me to know that there’s this magical mysterious woman.

How are you planning to prepare for the role?

There’s lots of fun things to be going on, I will definitely do my research and I think that’s really important to be looking into what she was really about as a person. But getting to know the 50’s vibe and getting to listen to all those amazing songs of the 50’s will be something really special so I look forward to that.

What do you love about the era?

I love loads about it, I love the hairstyles and the costumes of course, that stuffs all really exciting to me. But there’s something really valid in the rocky, Rock ‘n’ Roll period of time when everyone was just having a good time, dancing Rock ‘n’ Roll. It’s a really good era.

What’s your favourite song from this era?

Of course I love all the Elvis Presley songs! But I really love “Walk the Line” by Johnny Cash, I really, really love that song, I think it’s a wonderful, interesting song. The lyrics are really interesting. Johnny Cash sings some great stuff in the show.

What sort of night do you think the audience are going to get from seeing this show?

It’s going to be a full on, jam-packed, fun night out! Full of songs and laughter and characters, just a wonderful vibe, really great music and really talented people that I’ll be working with.


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